KRAI News for Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021

The vaccine count in Moffat County is up to 1,636 residents who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s close to 12.5% of Moffat County’s population, which is 13,127. Of those who are over 70 years old, just over 65 percent have been vaccinated. Those vaccinating in Craig are Moffat County Public Health, Memorial Regional Health, and Northwest Colorado Health.

The Moffat County School District has now hosted two COVID vaccine clinics for teachers and staff. Here’s Superintendent Scott Pankow.

Pankow says that 128 first-dose vaccinations have been given at the clinics, which is at least 38% of district employees. Other staff in the district may have already received their vaccinations on their own. First doses are still available for district employees at any of the vaccinating facilities, when vaccines are available.

Routt County’s vaccination rate is at 16 percent, for those who have received their first dose. Eight percent of Routt County residents have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. More teachers are being vaccinated today.

  • Routt Residents Received at least one Dose: 4226, 16%
  • Routt Residents Received two Doses: 2027, 8%
  • Routt Residents 70+ received at least one dose: 1858, 71%
  • Routt Residents 70+ received two doses: 691, 27%

In Moffat County right now, there are six active cases of people with COVID-19. The total number of cases reported since the beginning is at 771. That’s according to Moffat County Public Health as of this morning.

Larry Thorngren photo from CCCCoalition



Greater Sandhill Crane Week will be March 1-8 in Moffat and Routt Counties. That’s when the Sandhill Cranes start flying back to the Yampa Valley. The resolution was approved by Routt and Moffat County Commissioners at their respective meetings Tuesday.

That’s Commissioner Melody Villard. The Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition presented the request to commissioners at their meeting Tuesday. The group is also offering $10,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors in Moffat and Routt Counties.


From Routt County Public Health… We’re all in this together. Please wear your masks and keep socially distant. Help make COVID stop with you.






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