KRAI News, Weather, and Sports – May 14, 2018

Craig Police have arrested 28-year-old Elizabeth Morgan. She was wanted for two charges of contempt of court related to dangerous drugs, fraud and bribery. Morgan was also charged with failing to appear on charges of false reporting and vehicle theft. She is at the Moffat County Jail.



Kroger, which owns City Market, is transitioning ownership of most of its convenience stores to another company. Craig residents who get points on their City Market value card for fuel discounts will still get to get that money off when they fill up at the Loaf ‘n Jug by Murdoch’s, even though Loaf and Jug is part of the corporate sale. It was a $2.1 billion deal, which included the sale of 762 convenience stores.

Glenwood Springs had some vandalism in the downtown area Friday night and Saturday, and a car was stolen. Police are looking for leads, and remind everyone to lock your car doors and report anything suspicious.

Also in Glenwood Springs, the Melville family from Aspen is buying the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. The hotel is 124 years old. Craig Melville says changes will be coming to the 140,000-square-foot, 134-guest room Hotel Colorado and more staff will be hired. The deal is expected to close May 30.

Emergency crews in Meeker responded to a barn fire last week. The Meeker Chief of Police Phil Stubblefeld says crews think the fire started with a heat lamp. No people were hurt but some animals were lost.

It is tick season. Northwest Colorado Health says ticks are found in wooded or brushy areas with tall grass, or rustic mountain cabins. Wear tick repellant and light-colored long-sleeved clothing and long pants. And remove a tick as soon as possible. Find out more at

Rattlesnakes are also coming out from their winter dens, as the weather gets warmer. Two women have been bitten recently in the Colorado Springs area.  And last year, 12 animals were treated from rattlesnake bites in Routt and Moffat Counties. Rattlesnakes won’t prey on people but they will strike if they have to protect themselves. Rattlesnakes are Colorado’s only venomous snake. Be careful running or hiking on a trail that might have rattlesnakes. Stay on the trail, and don’t try to move a snake or jump over it if you see one. And don’t wear headphones. Listen and be aware of your surroundings.

Hayden is having its annual high school reunion May 25-27, with activities throughout the town. It’s for anyone who has attended Hayden High School, or Hayden Union High School before that, but especially those big reunion years, like the 30th, 40th, 50th, and all the way up to the 80th year reunion, which would be the class of 1938. The number to call for more information is 970-276-3373.

The Oldtimers Reunion for 2018 is June 2, at the Freeman Fairfield Center in Meeker. The theme is “Blame it all on my roots.” The Rio Blanco Historical Society will record oral stories of individuals, families, classes or groups who want to share the history of Rio Blanco County. The reunion has been happening for 106 years. It costs $35 per person. Register at 

The weather in Northwest Colorado today/this afternoon will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 60s. We might get a few raindrops or a thunderstorm. Lows tonight will be in the upper 30s. Tuesday and Wednesday will be sunny and in the 70s.

Moffat County High School swimmers finished fourth at the Western Slope Conference Championships in Grand Junction over the weekend. The 4A CHSAA State Championships are this weekend at the Air Force Academy.

About 70 Special Olympics athletes competed in Craig this weekend at the high school track and pool. Athletes participated in the Western Regional Competition. Volunteers from the Kiwanis, high school Key Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars and from around Craig helped with the event. The school district donated equipment and the venue. And local businesses donated food. The Kiwanis even hosted a dinner and dance for the athletes at the Moffat County Fairgrounds. And local law enforcement held a torch run with the athletes. Bryan Ludgate coordinated the event and says it’s one of the best things in the community.


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