KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for June 22, 2018

The Craig Press said goodbye to a longtime employee, though a familiar face is stepping in to the open role. Shannon Moore will be working in the advertising section for the paper. Moffat County is getting a new brand. The logo looks clean, including a circle with a river flowing through a canyon, the words Moffat county, and the date that Moffat county was established, nineteen eleven. Primary turnout has been low in Moffat county this year, with only twenty-three percent of folks turning in ballots. Amanda Tomlinson, the Clerk and Recorders office chief deputy said that twenty-three percent for a primary isn’t a bad number, though they anticipated more with this being the first year that unaffiliated voters could automatically participate. The Memorial Regional Health board had discussions with a company to design the third floor of the new medical office building last night. The public is anxiously awaiting the news of how those talks went, and in which direction Memorial Regional is leaning for the space. There is new life getting breathed in to the Colowyo operation, as there is an expansion set, and the Collom project could get another thirty-five years out of the mine. It has taken almost ten years to get to this point, and the Colowyo is still waiting for a railroad line that was promised decades ago, but this extra time is good news for the two hundred and twenty jobs that will be maintained because of the expansion. Up in Rawlins, the Rawlins Music Academy is hosting Michelle Lewis tonight. She will be performing in front of live audiences on the international stage soon, though tonight she will be serenading the Rawlins Music academy. The large company that purchased the ski mountain in Steamboat has expanded again, now having purchased a second resort in Utah. The Denver based company, Alterra, is trying to compete with Vail resorts, and both groups have been purchasing ski areas throughout the summer to attempt and get the upper hand on the passes they will offer within their expansive system of mountains. Yesterday afternoon the Craig wave pool was part of the World’s Largest Swim Lesson. It is a free nationwide initiative to teach proficiency and safety in the water. Craig had a modest turnout, though that is to be expected in the first year of the program being offered locally. The weather today will be nice in the Northwest region. There is almost no chance of rain in the region, and the high is going to be in the low eighties. We will likely see some clouds through the day, which will help to keep temperatures down. Through the weekend, it is more of the same, with highs in the seventies and eighties. The Colorado Rockies took three games in a four-game series against the New York Mets, and will next start a series against the Miami Marlins tonight at six forty. The Rocks are in the mile-high city for the matchup. The Denver Nuggets took Michael Porter Jr. in the draft last night, and the team hopes that he can come in and make an immediate impact on the floor. The Colorado Avalanche are in the news, as there is the NHL draft tonight. There is a possibility the Avs will be getting the fourth pick in this year’s draft, which could help bolster a young core. The Denver Broncos wrapped up their spring OTA’s last week, and there is a lot of excitement out of the Broncos party, as the draft this year has brought in some top end players, and the early chemistry is looking good for the orange and blue.


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