KRAI News, Weather, and Sports for June 13, 2018

Multiple wildfires are burning across the state, including about 30 miles north of Craig, near milepost 115. Colorado Highway 13 is closed because of it. The fire started in Sagebrush. Moffat County Sheriff’s Officers are there, as are Craig Fire/Rescue, CDot, and Bureau of Land Management.

A large fire is burning west of Silverthorne and north of Frisco. It’s the Buffalo Mountain fire. Homes have been evacuated. Residents are taking shelter at the Silverthorne Recreation Center. The county has issued an air quality health notice for wildfire smoke in Silverthorne, Dillon, and Frisco.

Pitkin County and fire officials there have instated Stage 1 fire restrictions, effective immediately. The decision was made in conjunction with fire chiefs from Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, and Carbondale. Eagle County has also implemented Stage 1 fire restrictions.

It means no fireworks, combustion engines, smoking in certain areas, use of explosive materials, or campfires. Violation of federal fire restrictions is punishable by a fine of not more than $100,000, imprisonment for no more than 12 months or both. Those found responsible for starting wildfires will also face restitution costs of suppressing the fire.

Water is going to be hauled to the Sand Wash Basin in western Moffat County because the horses there don’t have enough. The Wild Horse Warriors of Sand Wash Basin are meeting at 6:30 tonight, at Loudy-Simpson Park to coordinate the hauling of water. About 750 wild horses live there. The springs and ponds are drying up because of the drought.

Many wild horses could be rounded up in western Colorado this year. The Bureau of Land Management hopes to corral and then remove about 60 wild horses in the Little Book Cliffs area near Grand Junction, also 374 horses near Meeker, and then 514 wild horses from the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management area near Maybell. Grand Junction Field Manager Katie Stevens says the periodic roundups are necessary, even after fertility control to reduce the horse birth rate.

Stevens says the Friends of the Mustangs group works closely with the BLM, and many of the horses will be adopted locally.

A Craig man has been arrested after an investigation by the All Crimes Enforcement Team. 50-year-old Thomas Payne is charged with possession of methamphetamine which is a Class 1 drug felony. He is also charged with being a habitual criminal. When arrested, Payne had more than half a pound of suspected meth.

The Moffat County board of County Commissioners has voted to meet twice a month, instead of once a week. State law says commissioners of smaller counties have to meet at least once a month. They can still have special meetings, too.

It’s the 19th year for the Whittle the Wood Rendezvous, and it starts today at Loudy-Simpson Park. Chainsaw carvers are in Craig for the annual celebration of art, music, and more. Find out the full schedule at

The weather in Northwest Colorado today will be sunny and hot! Temperatures will be in the lower 90s. It will be a bit cooler on Thursday with partly cloudy skies. The good news is that rain is headed our way Saturday night and through Sunday.

Tiger Woods decided to bring his yacht to the U.S. Open. It’s docked at the Sag Harbor Yacht Club in New York. The problem is, dock fees are determined by the size of the boat, at $7 per foot. That means, if Tiger Woods keeps his yacht right where it is, he’ll have to pay $1,085 dollars a day to keep it there. The name of his boat is, “Privacy.”

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