KRAI News for Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Joshua Milligan mug shot

A 30-year-old Hayden Man is accused of beating and choking a mother, in front of her child, at a small business outside of Craig. 30-year-old Joshua Keith Milligan has been arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. The victim had to go to the hospital for her injuries. Milligan is in the Moffat County Jail. He’ll be in court June 4.



Ciara Rae Bugay mug shot

A Craig teenager is accused of causing a rollover crash when drunk, in a vehicle filled with kids and alcohol. 18-year-old Ciara Rae Bugay is in the Moffat County Jail, charged with eight misdemeanors. An arrest affidavit obtained by the Craig Press revealed that some of the people in the car were juveniles, and that Bugay’s Blood Alcohol Content was 0.124 which is above the legal limit and she was already under a mandatory protection order prohibiting her from possessing or consuming alcohol or controlled substances. Bugay was still in the Moffat County Jail as of Monday. The arrest record also listed the liquor and marijuana found in the car. Here is that list, according to the Craig Press: Troopers said they also found plenty of booze in the upside-down Subaru. “Upon the inventory of the Subaru, a 4-liter bottle of Carlo Rossi Sangria, one 750 ml bottle of Svedka mango pineapple vodka, a 12-oz can of Mike’s blackberry hard lemonade, and one 750 ml bottle of Burnett’s Tropical Fruit Vodka were found,” the affidavit said. “Additionally, one glass pipe, used to smoke marijuana, was found and the marijuana pipe still had burnt marijuana loaded in its bowl.”

Fire officials are already asking the public to be careful with campfires. While there has been a lot of rain, an unattended campfire could start a forest fire. A U.S. Forest Service crew has already had to put an unattended campfire above East Vail.

Enrique Echevarria-Castro mug shot

A man who was being tried on felony drug trafficking charges didn’t show up for his three-day trial Monday morning. Enrique Echevarria-Castro has a warrant out for his arrest. His $50,000 bond money has been forfeited. And several hundred Eagle County residents who showed up for jury duty got to go home.

You can ski over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend in Aspen. Aspen Skiing Company will open 130 acres on Aspen Mountain for skiing and snowboarding this Saturday through Monday, Memorial Day. The cost of a lift ticket is $54.

Jim Patterson. Craig Press photo.


Condolences go out to the staff of the Craig Press. Former editor Jim Patterson lost his battle with pancreatic cancer Monday, according to a social media post from his family.





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