KRAI News for Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Today is municipal election day. About 1,000 residents have turned in their ballots as of Monday. Election officials in Craig hope to have all votes counted and recorded by 8 p.m. today.

Fire hydrants in the city of Craig will be flushed through May. It’s part of the city’s annual water distribution system maintenance. It also removes built-up mineral deposits in the water mains. Also, since the City of Craig announced that monochloramine has been added to the city’s drinking water, a group of citizens has said they aren’t happy, and that they could have been told sooner. They say they have concerns about possible health effects on wildlife in the Yampa River, and elderly residents in local nursing homes.

Bears are starting to wake up from hibernation in Northwest Colorado. Photo courtesy Shannon Lukens.


The bears are waking up and are hungry. Steamboat Police say the bears coming out of hibernation so lock up your trash cans. Local police have given 19 warnings to businesses with trash stored improperly recently. Some businesses could also get a fine.


The city of Craig is looking for business entrepreneurs. If someone has an idea for a business, there is support from the Grand Junction Business Incubator Center. They offer free and low-cost services for those with business dreams. The city of Craig is working on a place for their own business incubator. It is still a few months away.

The Divide Creek Animal Hospital in Silt has shut down. Now Garfield County Animal Control will have to take severely injured pets to the emergency clinic in Basalt after hours. The main shelter for Garfield County is the Colorado Animal Rescue facility in Spring Valley, which is west of Glenwood Springs.

The SAFE Banking Act has passed a U.S. House Committee. It is a marijuana banking bill that will help move the industry away from being cash only. Banks typically avoid involvement since marijuana is illegal on a federal level. So they work with cash only, which can create security and other criminal concerns. The bill is now off to the full House for consideration.

The town board in Rangely has discussed the marijuana issue recently as some retail marijuana operations have asked about opening stores there. It’s against a town ordinance, but citizens can petition the board to change the ordinance. Rangely Interim Police Chief Ty Hamblin has reached out to the Parachute Police Chief to ask the pros and cons of having marijuana stores. Pros are that the companies have good security and have well-maintained buildings. Plus, they donate time and money to the community. Cons include increased homelessness and drug-related crimes, and the businesses aren’t locally owned.

Colorado Cruisers Car Club meets at 6:30 tonight, at the Off The Bone Restaurant inside Mather’s Bar & Grill at, 420 Yampa Ave., in Craig. New members are welcome. If you have a classic car or motorcycle, you are invited. For more information, call 970-824-7430.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Drivers who aren’t paying attention, or who may be texting, or something else to be distracted, account for nearly 13 percent of all crashes on Colorado roads. Last year, 53 people died and over 6,269 were hurt in an accident involving a districted driver in the state. CDOT is suggesting turn your IPhone to the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode.

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