KRAI News for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

There are no new cases of COVID-19 in Moffat County this week. The county has had 34 positive cases since testing began in March. Because of those low numbers, Moffat County Public Health is applying for the Protect Your Neighbor phase of recovery with the state of Colorado. Moffat County Public Health Director Kari Ladrow says it is good news.

If Moffat County moves into the Protect Your Neighbors phase, it means the county will be allowed to return to activities at 50 percent of pre-pandemic capacity with at least six feet between non-household members and no more than 500 people in one place at any time. Moffat County Board of Health is expecting to hear back from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in 10 to 14 days.

Routt County also has no new cases of COVID-19 this week. However, two cases have been added on to last week’s count. A Routt County couple traveling out-of-state tested positive and were added to the local tally. The two-week total is at five cases which puts Routt County in the category of low virus spread. The total case count is at 134 in Routt County, with 8,328 tests given.

Scam alert. It’s happening around the country and could happen here. It has to do with contact tracing. If someone calls to tell you you may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, make sure they are who they are. Scammers are saying they’re calling for Contact Tracing, but then they ask for credit card information and your social security number.

Here’s Public Health Medical Officer Dr. Brian Harrington.

Never give out your credit card or social security number to someone who randomly calls on the phone.

Masks are required for all staff in the Moffat County School District. Also, sixth through 12th graders have to wear masks, but elementary school students don’t have to. Superintendent Scott Pankow says everyone seems to be complying well during the first week of school, and if a student forgets a mask, the offices at the schools have some extras.

The district also asks that parents do a daily healthy screening of their child to make sure they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19.

Rio Blanco County wants residents to know about a wide load coming through today, on County Road 5 between Mile Marker 20 and Highway 13. Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Officers will be escorting a wide load that is 18-feet wide and 137-feet long. It’s a pressurized tank. Traffic will be interrupted for at least two to four hours. Please avoid this area today, starting around 10 a.m.

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