KRAI News for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

A student or staff member from Moffat County High School has tested positive for COVID-19. Moffat County Public Health is not reporting which it is. Public Health says the Moffat County School District is working with them regarding close contacts and quarantine protocols for those who may have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive. The school district nurse or someone from the public health department will be in contact with you if your student is being asked to quarantine. If you are not contacted, then your student is not at risk at this time and should continue to attend school as scheduled.

Moffat County’s positive case count for COVID-19 at last report is still at 121 with 28 active cases. Moffat County Commissioners, acting as the Board of Health, are asking all residents of the county to keep wearing masks in public places and keep six feet of social distance.

 Colorado’s new Public Health Order says masks are required in all public places, businesses, and buildings. That supersedes any local health orders. Matt Karzen is the District Attorney for the 14th Judicial District which represents Moffat, Routt, and Grand counties.

The District Attorney says exceptions would include young children, those with health issues, eating in a restaurant, or first responders like fire fighters, police and EMS when on duty. Otherwise, the District Attorney says all customers or business patrons in Moffat County are required by state law to wear masks right now in any public place, such as a store or a business.

Dr. Elise Sullivan is a family physician at Memorial Regional Health. She also reiterates the importance of wearing a mask since cases of COVID in Moffat County are still going up.

Routt County’s positive case count yesterday was 309. Today, according to the state’s website, it’s at 325.

Another public health order from the state is regarding personal gatherings, like big parties. They’re limited to less than ten people from no more than two households. Like the mask order, the social gathering order is punishable by law according to the District Attorney for Moffat County, Matt Karzen. It’s a Class One Misdemeanor for juveniles, but a Class 4 felony for any adult who contributes to the delinquency of a minor at an illegal social gathering.

But in order to prosecute, the district attorney says he would need proof and evidence from local law enforcement.

From Routt County Public Health… Numbers of COVID cases are still up. Be careful and stay safe. Help make COVID stop with you.

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