KRAI News for Friday, May 8, 2020

Moffat County Commissioners and public health officials for the county met on Thursday. They’re discussing the next steps with handling the COVID-19 virus in the community. But they’re still waiting to hear back from Governor Polis on whether the county’s plan for opening up more businesses is approved. The head of public health for the county is Kari Ladrow. She says starting a plan for businesses and restaurants reopening isn’t a bad idea.

Dr. Brian Harrington thinks it could be at the end of the month. Commissioner Ray Beck says they could really start working on it next week.

A poster is also being made for local businesses on how the community can help work together to fight the virus. It will be in English and Spanish. Kari Ladrow and County Commissioner Don Cook will be passing out those posters to local businesses. The emphasis is that the community can get through it together, if everyone does their part.

Moffat County Fair

Another event under discussion is the Moffat County Fair and whether it will happen this summer. Public Health official Dr. Brian Harrington says the governor will have input on whether county fairs can happen. But he is optimistic.

Harrington thinks event organizers should figure out which activities they can do under the current guidelines and then add more, if restrictions allow. Most of the Moffat County Fair activities start the first week of August.

Donations have been generous to the Yampa Valley COVID-19 Response Fund. Nearly $240,000 has been donated by over 170 donors. The money will help 12 nonprofits throughout Northwest Colorado. Some of those are Horizons in Moffat County, the Community Budget Center, Love, Inc., and Connections 4 Kids. The charity fund was established by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. Donations are still being accepted.   Link to donate:

A bear tries to get in a trash can in a Steamboat carport. Photo courtesy Shannon Lukens.

Everyone in Steamboat will have to have a bear proof trash container. City Council has approved the ordinance. But you have three years to get the special trash can that deters bears from a free lunch. Randy Hampton is with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He says once a black bear finds food somewhere, it will be back.

The ordinance for the city of Steamboat Springs also says trash cans have to be kept inside or in a secure enclosure. If there is a dumpster enclosure outside, it has to be bear-proof as well. City Council wants to reduce the number of bear calls to Steamboat Police, and the number of bears that have to be put down.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will continue testing deer and elk for Chronic Wasting Disease. As of February, Chronic Waste Disease has been detected in 33 of 54 deer herds, 14 of 43 elk herds, and two of nine moose herds. It shows numbers are rising in Colorado for affected animals.



Finally, Routt County Road 129 is temporarily closed from Columbine to just east of Three Forks Ranch due to seasonal freezing and thawing conditions. The detour is only for trucks that weigh over 20,000 pounds. It’s in effect until May 22. Those needed to get to the ranch should go through Baggs, Wyoming.

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