Judge Stays Ruling on Fracking

frackingU.S. District Judge Skavdahl, of Wyoming, has granted a stay of the BLM’s Hydraulic Fracturing rule. The judge ruled that the states of Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah and Independent Petroleum Association (IPAA) and Western Energy Alliance showed a credible threat of irreparable harm from the agency’s rule, but did not fully rule on the preliminary injunction because the federal government had not yet submitted the full administrative record. Compliance with the rule, which was originally intended to go into effect on June 24th, has been delayed until early August. The government has until July 22nd to submit the administrative record, after which the judge will more fully rule. Judge Skavdahl agreed that the arguments of the states, IPAA and the Alliance have merit and that BLM should not implement the rule in a hurried manner when plaintiffs have a strong chance of prevailing.

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