Judge Rules in Favor of Religious Freedom

court-300A federal judge in Denver has ruled that Colorado Christian University in Lakewood does not have to facilitate access to potentially life terminating drugs to its employees and students.  CCU is hailing the ruling as a victory for religious freedom.  The ruling means the University is not obligated to provide staff or students with pregnancy terminating drugs like the morning after pill.  The judge ruled that the Health and Human Services Mandate infringes on the University’s freedom of religion, violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The University’s president, William Armstrong, says they are grateful for the ruling, as “teaching sanctity of life from the moment of conception is an important part of the University’s mission and a core value shared by its employees and students.”  Before the Court issued its order, CCU faced millions of dollars in annual fines beginning July 1 for refusing to include the objectionable drugs in its healthcare plan.

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