Jewell Visiting Aspen, No Plans to Visit Craig

JEWELLInterior Secretary Sally Jewell will be in Aspen this weekend, but there are no apparent plans to visit Moffat County. The Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining is in the midst of redoing an environmental assessment of the South Taylor Pit at ColoWyo Coal Mine. A federal judge in Denver ruled the original assessment didn’t do enough to consider the effects of burning coal on the environment. Local officials feel a visit from Jewell to let Moffat County residents know the Interior Department is doing all they can to abide by the court would be appropriate, especially since she is already in the state. Moffat County Commissioner John Kinkaid said in a statement that he hopes “Jewell can make time to tour both the ColoWyo mine and Trapper mine, before she heads back to the Washington, D.C. beltway.” He says making an appearance in Aspen without making a side trip to Northwest Colorado would look bad for the office.  Pictured:  Sally Jewell

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