Jewell to Meet with Commissioners Tonight

JEWELLInterior Secretary Sally Jewell will meet with Moffat County Commissioners tonight in Glenwood Springs. Jewell is taking a rafting trip in Glenwood, and has agreed to meet with the commissioners over the ColoWyo Mine lawsuit. Jewell refused to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that the Office of Surface Mining redo an Environmental Assessment for the mine’s South Taylor Pit, to include the effects of burning coal on the environment. The Office says they will finish the assessment on time. WildEarth Guradians’ Jeremy Nichols, who filed the lawsuit after taking a rafting trip on the Yampa River, has said their intention is to shut the mine down, as soon as possible. He says it’s WildEarth’s goal to shut down every coal mine in the country. WildEarth appears to have no concern for the communities it affects with its agenda. The group has repeatedly downplayed the economic impacts their actions have had, and will have, on the communities it has touched.

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