Investigation Into “Hazing” Incidents Continues

BULLDOGSNothing new yet from investigators looking into a claim of harassment and assault amongst the Moffat County High School football team at a camp they attended in Wyoming earlier  this month.  Parents of freshman students say their children were subject to violence and humiliation from their own teammates that went beyond typical initiation pranks.  Michele Dugan, a parent of one of the students on the receiving end of the alleged abuse, says it was an “unfortunate event for these kids”, and that “it just has to stop”.  She also said there are questions about the supervision provided to the team during the overnight hours.  The Craig Police Department has confirmed they are working with the Evanston, Wyoming Police Department to investigate the complaints.  The high school’s new principal was in town last week, helping to conduct interviews.  Dugan says she knows of one football player who will not be returning to Moffat County High School, because of the incident.  Superintendent of Moffat County Schools Brent Curtis said this morning that they still can’t comment on the incident, due to the ongoing investigation.  The camp took place between June 18th and the 20th.

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