Interior Department Continues Review Of Coal

coalplugPublic comments and transcripts from six public meetings concerning the Federal coal leasing program are now available online through the Bureau of Land Management.  Approximately 2,000 people attended meetings in 6 states including one held in Grand Junction in June.  The BLM is using input from the meetings and public comments to determine potential reforms for the leasing program.  They are looking to ensure the program continues to provide reliable energy at a fair return to the tax payers, while accounting for the environmental impacts of coal production.  Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell began reviewing the Federal coal leasing program in January after multiple government groups, members of congress and the public expressed concern.  The BLM plans to use the information gathered in an environmental impact study that will look at the social, economic and environmental impacts of the leasing program.  The BLM will release a report by the end of this year summarizing issues raised during the public comment period.

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