Initiatives Regulating New O&G Development Fail To Make Ballot

Co-Oil-Gas-300Two proposed ballot initiatives aimed at increasing regulations for new oil and gas development failed to gather enough signatures to reach the November ballot. The first initiative would have given local governments authority to ban fracking and to regulate new oil and gas development as they saw fit. The second would have extended the buffer zone around new oil and gas developments from 500 to 2,500 feet. If passed this would have eliminated 90% of the remaining surface area in Colorado from energy development. These are the first two citizen initiated amendments this year to fail at making the November ballot.  A list of the initiatives up for a vote this November is available below.

Here’s a look at the citizen-initiated measures that made the ballot, including the number of submitted signatures and the projected percentage of required valid signatures:

No. 20, State health care system: 158,831 signatures, 110.80% 

No. 101, State minimum wage: 189,419 signatures, 116.70%

No. 145, Medical aid in dying: 155,676 signatures, 110.44%

No. 96, Requirements for constitutional amendments: 183,691 signatures, 129% 

No. 143, New cigarette and tobacco taxes: 161,412 signatures, 118.74%

 No. 98, Primary elections: 147,707 signatures, 110.15%

No. 140, Presidential primary election: 152,213 signatures, 111.39%

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