Hunters Reminded To Stay Safe After Man Dies From CO Poisoning

hunt-smart-safeWith the big game hunting season underway in Colorado, Parks and Wildlife officials in the state are reminding hunters that being shot isn’t the only way you can be injured or killed on a hunt.  A hunter in the Gunnison area died recently from carbon monoxide poisoning after he went to sleep with gas lanterns burning in his tent.  The man was not prepared for the conditions and attempted to use the lanterns to stay warm. In the event that you have to use a stove or lantern within an enclosed area, you should ensure there is proper ventilation to expel the excess carbon monoxide.  Because bad weather and unforeseen circumstances can occur at anytime, hunters should always be prepared to spend the night at their hunting site.  To avoid having to use lanterns and heaters to stay warm, hunters should pack high quality sleeping bags rated for low temperatures and pads to keep the bottom of the bag off the ground.  Hunters should also pack matches, a GPS or compass, flashlight, extra batteries, a space blanket, signaling device, rain gear, and warm clothing.  For more information of hunting safety and survival tips click here.

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