Hunter Shot While Camping

In the early morning hours Monday, Routt County Sheriff Deputies and Colorado Wildlife officers responded to a call for a hunter who suffered a gunshot wound to the wrist. The man was transported by family members who were hunting with him in the Dunckley Flat Tops area. The members of the hunting party were from Parker.

The man was up before the rest of his group, preparing to go out for the morning hunt. Due to the potential for bears in the area, the victim was carrying a single action revolver with him when he went to the bathroom. Upon returning to his tent, the man stepped on a tent stake and stumbled forward dropping the revolver. The revolver discharged when it fell to the ground shooting through the victim’s left wrist. The wound was not life threatening.

Family members called emergency 911 and transported the victim to meet the ambulance. He was transported to YVMC for treatment. Routt County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the incident and determined it was an accident. The hunter was released from the hospital shortly after being interviewed.

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