Hundreds Show up to ColoWyo Meeting in Craig

coloyowNearly 800 people showed up to last night’s public meeting to discuss the ColoWyo situation. Representatives of Tri-State and ColoWyo gave an update on the lawsuit, including detailing its history and the struggles they will face in the future. The theme of the evening seemed to be “spread the word”. It was stressed that the volume of comments received by the Office of Surface Mining during its Environmental Assessment needs to be overwhelming. That’s due in part to the players involved in the lawsuit. The Office of Surface Mining is the target of the lawsuit. However, it is also a division of the Department of the Interior, which has been faithfully carrying out President Obama’s anti-coal agenda. The judge that issued the ruling is a former environmental lawyer from Denver. There are some that believe that the Office may take a loss to further the president’s agenda. That feel comes from the fact that the OSM has yet to announce their intent to appeal the ruling, as well as their failure to file for a stay in the ruling. Tri-State officials said last night they are putting pressure on the OSM to do both. Along with making official comments, it was suggested that people write, text, call, or use social media to contact their representatives and keep the pressure on. One attendee at last night’s meeting suggested that emails from hundreds of people might actually get the attention of national media. While Tri-State officials supported that action, they say the most important thing now is to submit comments for the current Environmental Assessment. One of the ways to do that is to attend next week’s OSM meeting in the Grandstands Building at the Moffat County Fairgrounds, Wednesday June 10th from four to eight. You will find a link to a summary of the ColoWyo decision, as well as a comment sheet that can be filled out and submitted below.

Summary of ColoWyo Decision

Instruction on Filing Public Comment

Official Public Comment Form

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