Could Humans Catch Chronic Wasting Disease?

A new study took a look at whether or not Chronic Wasting Disease can be transferred from animals to humans. Chronic Wasting Disease attacks the central nervous system of white and mule deer, Rocky Mountain Elk and Moose, and can often be fatal to those animals. There is currently no indication that people who eat meat from an infected animal can contract the disease, suggesting there may be a “species barrier” between humans and deer. However a recent study found monkeys who ate infected deer meat contracted the disease. This is the first time the disease was observed spreading to a primate through meat, suggesting the species barrier may not be as protective as previously believed.  Scientists who conducted the study believe there is a potential the disease is still evolving, making it possible the disease could adapt to spread to humans. A link to the full study on the transfer of Chronic Wasting Disease to humans in available here.

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