House Passes Work Week Bill

workweekLawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives voted yesterday to restore the full-time 40-hour work week. Obamacare requires all businesses with the equivalent of over 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance coverage for those employees. The law defines full-time at 30 hours per week, forcing many small businesses on tight budgets to reduce their employees’ hours because the expense of providing health insurance for traditionally part-time employees is too high. The Save American Workers Act (H.R. 30) restores the definition of the full-time workweek to 40 hours. Representative Scott Tipton was one of the lawmakers to vote in favor of the bill. He says “one of the biggest consequences of the President’s healthcare law is that many Americans have lost work hours and wages.” He says the bill will provide relief for countless hardworking Americans, giving them the opportunity once more to earn a larger paycheck. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill.

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