Highway Trust Fund Expected to be Empty By August

SENATEThe U.S. Senate Finance Committee yesterday held a hearing to discuss the need for investment in roads, highways, and other transportation projects. The panel heard from a range of experts about how Congress can address the looming insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund. The trust fund is expected to go bankrupt by August, leaving no funding for road construction, bridge repair, and transit projects. Colorado stands to lose $200 million in highway and transit funding just next year, massively disrupting transportation projects throughout the state.  A bill has been introduced to complement the permanent funding stream of the Highway Trust Fund with an infrastructure bank.  The Partnership to Build America Act establishes a $50 billion infrastructure fund that can potentially support hundreds of billions in loans, bond guarantees and other financing authority for state and local governments.  The bill is not a replacement for keeping the Highway Trust Fund solvent, which is an urgent priority before Congress.

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