Hickenlooper’s Oil and Gas Compromise Gets Resistance

oil-and-gas-drilling-300Governor Hickenlooper’s attempt to compromise on legislation that would simultaneously give local governments more control over oil and gas operations, yet protect the rights of a company to drill, has been met with skepticism and scorn.  Hickenlooper has received letters from the Colorado Dairy Farmers, The Colorado Association of Wheat Growers, The Colorado Association of Home Builders, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Colorado Farm Bureau and the Colorado Petroleum Association, all opposing the proposed legislation.  CPA president Stan Dempsey said in his letter that he was dismayed that Hickenlooper’s team had departed from more than six years of rigorous rule-making in the process.  The governor’s goal was to keep local drilling control questions off of upcoming ballots.  While energy companies would also like to avoid those ballot questions, they say they’re afraid the legislation will create more confusion than solutions.  They say with local governments setting rules on things like drilling distances, those rules could change from town to town, making it tougher on companies to keep up with local regulations.

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