Hickenlooper, Udall Urged to Clarify Sage Grouse Comments

mark-udall-300JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Wild West Radio is still waiting on Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Mark Udall to set aside time to talk about sage grouse and other Northwest Colorado issues.  Udall recently commented that the threat of putting the greater sage grouse on the endangered species list was needed to force Colorado and other states to implement conservation measures.  The comments were made while speaking in opposition of a proposal by Congressman Cory Gardner to delay the listing for at least ten years, to give time for conservation measures to be accurately evaluated.  However, Northwest Colorado officials have been working on sage grouse conservation for nearly two decades.  Governor Hickenlooper also opposes Gardner’s bill.  An aide of his said the governor couldn’t support a measure that didn’t have bipartisan support.  However, the governor came under fire last year for signing gun control, energy, and other bills that had no bipartisan support.  Wild West Radio has made requests to both camps to clarify their remarks.  Responses have been less than positive.  The governor’s office says it will likely be 3 weeks before Hickenlooper will be able to break for a 15 minute conversation, while the Udall camp hasn’t given a time frame.

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