Hickenlooper Latest to Send Letter to Jewell over ColoWyo

JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Governor John Hickenlooper is the latest to send his thoughts to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell regarding the recent decision against the Office of Surface Mining that is threatening to shut down ColoWyo Coal Mine. A federal judge ruled the mine’s latest expansion project did not gather enough public input on the environmental impacts of the project, which took place eight years ago. The judge has given the OSM 120 days to correct that issue, or the mine will be shut down. Several lawmakers, community leaders, and industry representatives have written letters opposing the ruling. The common theme among them seems to be asking Jewell to either appeal the decision, or to file for an extension of time to comply with the order. That theme was followed in the latest letter to go out to Jewell, from Governor Hickenlooper. In the letter, Hickenlooper says his office will play whatever role necessary to minimize the impacts of the ruling.

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