Hickenlooper Commits Colorado To Carbon Cuts

Those in the Colorado coal industry breathed a sigh of relief earlier this year, after the Trump administration announced and end to regulations instituted under the Obama Administrations Clean Power Plan. That regulatory relief will not come to fruition however, following Governor John Hickenlooper’s executive order yesterday, committing Colorado to the carbon reduction goals contained in the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement. The executive order calls for Colorado greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by at least 26% below the 2005 emission levels, before 2025. The announcement came to mixed reviews from Colorado officials, with Senator Michael Bennet applauding the order, calling it great news for Colorado’s economy and environment. The news was not as well received on the other side of the isle, with Republicans in the Colorado Legislature questioning whether or not the Governor has the authority to execute the executive action. Assistant Colorado Senate Majority Leader Ray Scott, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Energy and the Environment, said he doesn’t believe Hickenlooper had the authority to change the state’s renewable energy goals through an executive order. Scott also warned against efforts by the governor to shortcut the public process, saying it would be unwise for Hickenlooper to ram the change through the Public Utilities Commission without General Assembly approval.

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