Help CDOT Identify Potholes

Pothole season has begun.  Potholes form when snow and rain seep into a road’s foundation, decreasing its strength. When temperatures drop below freezing, the surface of the roadway becomes weak and freezes water in the foundation. As water in the foundation freezes and thaws, it expands and shrinks the road’s surface, creating more cracks and further decreasing the road’s strength.  Although Colorado Department of Transportation crews make daily trips along highways, looking for potholes, they also rely on the assistance of the public to help solve the pothole problem.  CDOT is asking motorists to report any potholes they might see so the potholes and the danger they present can be alleviated.  To report a pothole call CDOT’s Grand Junction office at 243-2368 or call 1-800-659-3656.

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