UPDATE: Hayden Police Officer Wounded On Christmas

A Hayden police officer suffered a slit wrist in an incident that occurred Christmas night.  Shawn Hockaday and another Hayden Police officer responded to a report that a man may have swallowed razor blades. When they arrived on scene the officers spoke with family members but were unable to locate 34 year old Hayden resident Michael Coleman, the one who was thought to have swallowed the blades. Shortly thereafter, Coleman returned to the home where he failed to respond to the commands of the officers. A struggle ensued, during which Hockaday sustained a cut on his wrist. After Coleman was detained, it was determined Hockaday was cut by a self defense flashlight.  According to Hayden Police Chief Greg Tuliszewski, Hockaday received treatment for his injuries at the hospital and was released. Coleman was arrested and charged with first degree assault, his bond has been set at $250,000.

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