Hang Gliding Competition Dates Set

Competition dates have been set for this year’s Dinosaur Open hang gliding competition. The event will take place June 18th through the 14th, with community festivities being held around the area starting June 10th. Approximately 50 pilots will take off from the Cliff Ridge launch area on Blue Mountain, southwest of Dinosaur. The pilots will fly over Dinosaur National Monument and will end at landing zones in Maybell, Hayden, Meeker or Rangely. The event has been designed to keep spectators, pilots and their families in Northwest Colorado for an extended period of time, which will hopefully provide an economic boost to the area. Additional information on the hang gliding competition is available below.

Event Objectives:
NW Colorado is considered an economic distressed region area were most of the communities in the region are starting to build on tourism to fill the gap.   The objectives to having the Dinosaur 2017 Open HG event with the other regional events:

1) To build adventure tourism or regional tourism for NW Colorado; in doing so it bring more people into our distressed communities to spend money. Measurement will be registration for events, lodging tax, and sales tax; overall number of people.

  • Approximately 50 pilots landing in four communities in NW Colorado. Rangely with Dinosaur are the Hosting Communities where the majority of the pilots will lodge; RV Parks, CNCC, Motels/Hotels, and Campgrounds/Parks
  • Between 50-100+ spectators from other areas coming to each of our NW Colorado Communities to watch hang gliders land, participate in other events, visit attractions, shop, eat, and lodge throughout the month of June

2)To build relationship/partnership with the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) to ensure this event continues annually for years to come. All things pertaining to HG activities is the responsibility of USHPA Organizer; including pilot registration and event liability insurance.

3)In addition to all the events the USHPA will be raising money for The Champ Foundation which supports research toward better treatment and a cure for Pearson Syndrome. For more information on the Champ Foundation click here. 


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