Groups Tell Hickenlooper “No” on Special Session

JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Governor Hickenlooper has gotten back a resounding “no” when it comes holding a special session on oil and gas rules this year.  The governor asked several groups that would be affected by the rules whether or not they felt a special session should be held to work on oil and gas rules, in an attempt to keep several local control measures off of upcoming ballots.  The measures are backed financially by Democratic Representative Jared Polis, who told the governor he would back off if he held a special session on the issue.  The measures in question would give counties and cities local control over drilling operations, paving the way for confusion among the various local ordinances.  Some of the groups asked whether they felt a special session was needed include the Colorado Homebuilders Association, representatives of the oil and gas industry, and Club 20, among others.  Most said they felt the industry needs statewide uniform rules and regulations.  They also say there’s no guarantee holding a costly special session will keep the local control measures off of ballots.  Pictured: John Hickenlooper

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