Group Hired To Develop Ballot Question To Increase Revenue

The Moffat County Commissioners signed an agreement with George K. Baum & Company at their meeting yesterday, to explore the viability of a ballot measure for the upcoming election, which would look to increase county revenues. The group will be responsible for developing a ballot question which has the best chance of being approved by the electorate, by using data and things like community surveys to evaluate the best route for the county to take to increase revenue. The measure may take the form of a tax or mil levy increase, or may involve the county taking on additional debt. While discussing hiring the consultants, Commissioner Ray Beck said that due to the economic shape of the county, it’s important to develop a ballot measure to increase revenues the community can support. Commissioner Don Cook agreed, saying he believed it was prudent to hire the company, as the county does not have the expertise in crafting and evaluating ballot measures.

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