Group Asks Udall to Clarify Comment

AFPAmericans for Prosperity – Colorado is asking Senator Mark Udall to clarify his remarks that the EPA’s new carbon regulations are a “good start.” Noting the undisputed cost of the regulations to jobs and the economy and the Obama administration’s own admission that the regulations are “unlikely” to have a positive environmental benefit, AFP is asking Senator Udall to clarify what he meant.  Wild West Radio has also asked the Senator to explain his remarks, and to address the coal producing counties in Colorado regarding the new rules.  So far, Udall has not responded to either request.  The full statement from Americans For Prosperity can be found below.

“Senator Udall, help us understand: how are these new regulations, which you know will destroy thousands of jobs and substantially increase the cost of our utilities, a “good start”? Given that the regulations are “unlikely” to improve the environment they are ostensibly created to protect, are they merely a good start towards placating ideological funders and interest groups?” asked Dustin Zvonek Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “I, and the more than 80,000 members of Americans for Prosperity – Colorado welcome his explanation.”
Zvonek continued:
Based on the undisputed facts, the only real winner with the EPA’s new rules is billionaire leftist ideologue Tom Steyer, who has been influencing politicians like Udall to adopt increasingly radical policies that hurt the constituents they claim to help. Senator Udall surely has a better defense of his support for these policies, and we’d like to know what it is.”


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