Green And Yampa Noncommercial River Permits

COLORADO RIVERA lottery is now open for noncommercial river permits for the high use season on the Green and Yampa Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument. The lottery is underway now and runs through 10am on January 31st. The lottery allows boaters to compete for the 300 permits that are available for the high use season. In recent years, the monument has received over 6,700 applications. Like last year, boaters can file only one application, but they may choose up to four possible launch dates and river choices. The Yampa and Green rivers are combined in one drawing system. Applicants will be notified by email on February 16th if their lottery submission was successful. They will then have until February 28th to accept their launch date and pay for it or it will be revoked. Boaters can complete the application form online or can download the form and mail it in. This will be the final year that the monument will accept paper applications. Click here for a link to the Monument website or to the application.



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