Great Colorado Payback Underway

STAPLETON WALKERYesterday, Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton announced the start of the 2015 Great Colorado Payback, a campaign put on every year to raise awareness about Colorado’s unclaimed property division and encourage Coloradans to check for their name in the database that includes thousands of individuals, corporations, schools, hospitals and small businesses. In a press release, Stapleton said ““You would be surprised how many Coloradans have money within our Unclaimed Property division. Unclaimed rebate checks, safety deposit boxes and all sorts of other items all end up with us.” Colorado law requires that those unclaimed assets are turned over to the State Treasurer, and it is their duty to get that money back to the people it belongs to. Stapleton is safeguarding over $600 million of forgotten funds and assets, and encourages everyone to visit the Great Colorado Payback website to see if their name is in the database of unclaimed property.

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