Grand Jury Clears Grand County Sheriff

grand county sheriffA Grand Jury looking into a shooting incident involving Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin, have cleared the sheriff of any wrong doing. The September 15th incident in Tabernash, saw Schroetlin shoot Connor MacLaird as MacLaird allegedly rushed at him with a knife. The Grand Jury did return an indictment charging MacLaird with assault in the First Degree on a Peace Officer, Second Degree Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Mischief. District Attorney Brett Barkey stated, “I referred this matter to our Grand Jury to ensure that our community, through its representatives on the Grand Jury, participated in decisions about this incident. The Grand Jury concluded that Sheriff Schroetlin was legally justified in his actions and that there was probable cause to bring charges against MacLaird.”

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