Governor Working on Fracking Compromises

frackingGovernor John Hickenlooper says resolving land-use conflicts between energy companies and homeowners is one of the most important issues he’s worked on and he’s optimistic a panel he assembled will provide recommendations to minimize clashes. The 19-member panel announced Monday was part of a compromise last month to get groups to drop four competing ballot initiatives that either sought to limit, or support, hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Hickenlooper warned that the anti-fracking initiatives, if passed, would’ve harmed Colorado’s economy. The panel includes representatives of the oil industry, local governments, and environmentalists. Hickenlooper said Tuesday he wanted to have representatives from across the state. The group will issue recommendations to state lawmakers by March. Republican Bob Beauprez, who is challenging Hickenlooper in November, argues the panel will only enable anti-fracking activists.

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