Georgie Hand Sentenced to 82 Years

Hand, Georgie 01131972 (1)Georgie Hand, the woman convicted of attempting to kill a wildlife officer and a Moffat County Sheriff’s Deputy was sentenced to 82 years in prison Monday. In April a jury found hand guilty on 8 felony counts, including 2 counts of aggravated robbery, 2 counts of second-degree kidnapping, 2 counts of menacing and 2 counts of disarming a peace officer. According to District Attorney Brett Barkey, the charges of kidnapping and robbery came with mandatory sentencing of a maximum of 160 years, and a minimum of 52 years. Hand received 74 years for those charges. Barkey also said that while the counts of Menacing and disarming a police officer did not carry mandatory sentences, the judge found it appropriate to add an additional 8 years for those charges.  Hand was also sentenced to six months in jail for Third Degree Criminal Trespass to run concurrently with the other sentences.  Pictured: Georgie Hand.

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