Gardner Urges Hickenlooper to Allow Insurance Companies to Restore Health Plans

gardnerCongressman Cory Gardner (CO-04) sent a letter last night to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper requesting that the state of Colorado allow insurance companies the ability to restore health plans that were cancelled due to the President’s health care law. This request comes as 335,484 Coloradans have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies.  In the letter, Gardner wrote “With the closure of open enrollment just one month ago and Connect for Health Colorado enrolling fewer people in the individual market than originally anticipated, it is time for your office to step in and institute a policy that affords people the ability to keep their health insurance.”  Connect for Health Colorado sent out a press release yesterday, boasting of signing up 120,000 Coloradans, however, the number of those that have had their policies cancelled is nearly triple that number.  Gardner wrote to the governor that “it is time to put partisanship aside and do what is best for Colorado-that means using any political or legal tool available to you to stop the bad consequences of the Affordable Care Act.”  You can read his full letter here.  Pictured: Cory Gardner


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