Gardner Upset over Guantanamo Transfer Reports

gardnerReports say Department of Defense officials are in Colorado scouting potential sites to hold prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Senator Cory Gardner is unhappy with that, and said as much in a statement he released yesterday regarding those reports. He says the Obama Administration’s scouting effort in Colorado is reckless, illegal, and wrong. Gardner says he has written a letter asking the administration why they are intentionally breaking the law, but has not received a reply. Gardner went on to say “Coloradans oppose bringing these terrorists to our state, and are making their opposition known through their elected representatives. Why the Administration is choosing to ignore the public and ignore the law in an ill-conceived attempt to bring these prisoners onto U.S. soil is a question that they must answer. I call on them to do so before any boots are on the ground in Colorado.”

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