Gardner Responds to Udall’s Debate Challenge

gardnerCory Gardner says Mark Udall’s challenge to him to participate in a debate is just “posturing”.  Gardner says he has already agreed to 6 debates throughout the state, debates Udall himself has yet to commit to.  Udall issued the challenge earlier this week, and invited the League of Women Voters to facilitate.  Gardner says he has already committed to debates hosted by, the Denver Petroleum Club, 9 News, the City Club of Denver, Club 20, the Colorado Nonprofit Association, and a debate specifically on Disability Issues, all debates Udall has yet to commit to.  In fact Gardner says many of the organizations have expressed frustration that they have not been able to get Udall to respond to them.  Gardner says he will take this week’s challenge as Udall’s commitment to the debates.  The debate schedule can be viewed below.  Pictured:  Cory Gardner

-The Denver Petroleum Club (Gardner for Senate confirmed on 5/8/2014)

-KUSA 9 News Debate (Gardner for Senate confirmed on on 6/10/14)

-City Club of Denver (Gardner for Senate confirmed on 6/11/14)

-Colorado Disability Issues Candidates’ Forum (Gardner for Senate confirmed on 6/16/14)

-CLUB 20 (Gardner for Senate confirmed on 6/16/14)

-Colorado Nonprofit Association and Rocky Mountain PBS I-News (Gardner for Senate confirmed on 6/16/14)

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