Gardner Calls on Udall to Change Stance on EPA Rules

mark-udall-300As the EPA hearings begin in Denver today on the agency’s new carbon emissions rules, Congressman Cory Gardner is calling on Senator Mark Udall to change his stance on the rules.  Senator Udall praised the new rules as “a good start,” indicating that he wants the federal government to go even further in their mission to eliminate coal.  He has a history of siding with the EPA on issues ranging from coal and hydraulic fracturing to water.  Udall has also called enacting a carbon tax “crucial” and lobbied on behalf of a utility rate hiking cap-and-trade policy that experts say could shift American jobs overseas.  Wild West Radio placed a request with Udall’s camp for an interview over three weeks ago to talk about Northwest Colorado issues, including energy policy.  We placed the same request with Governor Hickenlooper.  Neither has committed to an interview.

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