Gardner Asks For Delay Of Park Fee Increases

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner recently sent a letter to Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, requesting he delay the implementation of fee increases at 17 National Parks. Gardner believes the Interior Department needs to work with stakeholders in the states where the increases are proposed, before they are instituted. Gardner says that while he agrees there is a need to address the park maintenance backlog, he has concerns sudden and dramatic increases in the costs of passes for both private individuals and commercial operations could have unforeseen negative consequences on the communities which rely on park visitation as a revenue source, with Gardner expressing serious concern over the elimination of day passes at Rocky Mountain National Park. Gardner concludes that he is willing to work to find a legislative solution to the park maintenance backlog, which will be more effective at addressing the issue. Pictured above from left to right, Senator Cory Gardner, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

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