Former Teacher Sentenced To 20 Years To Life

JohnBrothers_thumbOn September 19 Routt County District Judge Shelley Hill sentenced John Holland Brothers to a sentence of 20 years to life for his conviction on 16 felony counts arising from eight separate sexual assaults on a child.

Mr. Brothers could have been sentenced to a maximum of 192 years to life. The sentence is “to life” because the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) may continue to incarcerate Mr. Brothers for the remainder of his natural life unless DOC determines that he has successfully progressed in sex offender treatment, and that he would not pose an undue threat to the community if released.

Mr. Brothers is currently scheduled for trial in Kentucky on felony charges arising from an alleged sexual incident with a child in that jurisdiction.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Matt Karzen argued for a total sentence of 80 years to life in prison, representing ten years for each of the eight times the defendant attacked the child in the child’s own bedroom. He noted that the evidence at trial demonstrated that Mr. Brothers was a serial child predator who relentlessly manipulated children to satisfy his sexual desires.

District Attorney Brett Barkey stated, “We are deeply disappointed in the sentence. The facts of this case called for a sentence which sent a stronger statement of deterrence for those who prey on children and a stronger statement of support for victims. Although Mr. Brothers may never qualify for release from prison as a sex offender, the 20 year minimum creates the possibility he might be paroled at an age when he could again exploit his role as a pastor and teacher to rape children, as he did here and has done elsewhere.”

DA Barkey continued, “Although disappointing, the sentence today closes a difficult chapter for our victim and his family whose inspiring strength and courage were critical to putting this dangerous sexual predator in prison — at least for awhile.”

Pictured: John Holland Brothers

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