Former Grand County Employee Pleaded Guilty

court-300A former Grand County employee, Brigid Irish who faced more than 930 charges following the discovery of a half-million dollars missing from the Grand County Treasury pleaded guilty in the Grand County District Court to one count each of theft, attempt to influence a public official, and embezzlement of public property, all felonies.  Irish also pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor abuse of public records.  The charges related to funds missing from the Grand County Building Department.  To address the Court’s rejection of an earlier plea agreement, sentencing on one of the felony counts will be open to the court and can include up to six years in prison.  On the other two felony counts, Ms. Irish will serve 32 years of probation, pay restitution and complete 400 hours of public service.  The sentence on the misdemeanor count is open to the Court and can be up to 18 months in the Grand County Jail.  District Attorney Brett Barkey stated that the plea agreement brought to a close a very difficult case for Grand County by balancing punishment with the opportunity for Ms. Irish to make full restitution.  Barkey said the he will ask the Court to sentence Irish to the maximum time in county jail.  The period of 32 years of probation will give Irish a realistic time period in which to pay back the Grand County and the County’s insurance carrier for the loss she caused.

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