New City Manager Bullish On Craig’s Future

Newly hired Craig City Manager Mike Foreman, met with the Yampa Valley Young Professionals last night to present his plans for the future of Craig. While Foreman anticipates numerous challenges ahead for the city, the overall tone of his presentation was optimistic. Foreman said Craig is on the verge of an upswing, and he laid out steps he believes the city must take, to facilitate future prosperity.  Foreman emphasized that Craig will not be able to cut its way into prosperity, but he believes the city should focus funds on items that provide a direct benefit to the community. He also stressed improving customer service in Craig, especially with City of Craig services. Foreman believes residents are only satisfied with their services, because low levels of expectations have been established.  If Craig can improve customer service, it will be easier for the city to attract visitors and new residents. Foreman encouraged the community to spend money locally whenever possible. Not only does this keep money in Craig, it encourages new businesses to move to the area, as they know they will be supported by the community. Pictured Mike Foreman.

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