Fire danger high in Moffat and Rio Blanco counties

fire-danger-high-signFire officials are reminding hunters and recreationists to be careful when using fire outdoors. With the end of the growing season and lack of recent rain vegetation is extremely dry and ready to burn.  Recent wildland fires have been human-caused by faulty equipment and one roadside fire from a discarded cigarette butt. Even a spark can ignite a flame that results in a large wildfire under current conditions.

“We want people to enjoy the outdoors in Northwest Colorado but fire season is not over,” said Fire Management Officer Colt Mortenson. “We’re asking folks to please park in areas clear of tall grass as hot exhaust systems can start a fire and make sure campfires are out cold before leaving camp.”

Being fire safe isn’t restricted to camping and recreating, cleaning up and removing the dead weeds and vegetation around homes is also advisable. Mowing down the abnormally dense and high grasses and weeds will help lower the spread and potential for a large fire.

A few other reminders include:

– Keep campfires small and build on bare soil
– It’s illegal to leave campfires unattended
– Smoke in cleared areas and don’t dispose of cigarettes and matches until they are out cold
– Be sure ATVs and other sport vehicles have spark arrestors in operating condition
– To report a fire call 911

In general no fire restrictions are in place but please contact your local sheriff or land management office for any special restrictions or required permits.

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