Fighting The Flu In Colorado

seasonal-flu-300Although the number of active cases of flu have dropped in Colorado, the state is still ranked as one of the hardest hit by the virus. According to the Center For Disease Control, 45 children nationwide have died of the flu in 2014-2015 season, while adults over the age of 65 have by far been hospitalized more than any other age group. The flu is typically harder on the youngest and oldest, because in both groups the immune system is weaker. This year’s flu vaccine has produced dismal results.  The reason is because the most prominent flu strain this year, mutated after the vaccine was created. Even so, health experts recommend getting the vaccine, because it does offer some degree of protection. January and February are typically the peak months for the flu, meaning the season is far from over. Experts say the usual protective measures still apply: get vaccinated, wash your hands and avoid being around others who are sick. If you start feeling symptoms, stay home from school or work to avoid spreading the virus and start taking antiviral medications as soon as possible. Statewide just over 2,300 people have been hospitalized for influenza. Of those cases, 62% were 65 or older. The number of flu hospitalizations in Colorado peaked in the middle of December when more than 550 people were hospitalized. Since then that number has fallen below 150, according to the state’s weekly influenza report.

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