Fifth Person Arrested in Rock Springs Arson Case

sweetwater-county-sheriff-3A fifth arrest has been made in an arson and conspiracy case under investigation by the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office. 46 year old Paul Alan Peoples was taken into custody last week at a motel in north Rock Springs. Already arrested in the case was Peoples’s wife, Melissa Peoples. Both are charged with conspiracy to commit arson. Sheriff Mike Lowell identified the others arrested as 22-year-old Michael Titgen and 26-year old Shawn Haselman, both charged with conspiracy, and 20- year old Tobey Parson, charged with third degree arson and conspiracy to commit arson. The case stems from a mobile home set on fire in September, a lease-to-own property from which Paul and Melissa Peoples were evicted from for non-payment of rent. A certified arson investigator identified six different points of fire origin on both the exterior and interior of the mobile home. Investigators have established the use of Coleman fuel and kerosene in a “Molotov Cocktail.” Melissa Peoples was recently released on a $40,000 bond, while Paul Peoples, Titgen, Haselman, and Parson remain in custody at the Sweetwater County Detention Center in Rock Springs.

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