Should Feminine Hygiene Products Be Taxed?

Colorado women may soon be exempt from paying taxes on feminine hygiene products if a bill is passed out of the State Legislature. House Bill 1127, which was passed out of the House Financial Committee Monday, would exclude tampons, menstrual pads, panty-liners, menstrual sponges, and menstrual cups from being subjected to Colorado sales tax. Proponents of the bill say women should not be forced to pay taxes on products they have to purchase for a bodily function out of their control. Opponents say it isn’t prudent to remove taxes from feminine hygiene products, when other hygiene items that everyone has to purchase, like toilet paper, are still subjected to taxes. The bill now moves to the Appropriations Committee for approval.  If the bill is passed out of the Colorado House of Representative, it is expected to face an uphill battle for approval in the republican controlled Colorado Senate.

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