EPA Sued Over New Emissions Rules

COAL-MINING-300Murray Energy Corporation has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency over new carbon emission standards.  The lawsuit claims the rules are “illegal, irrational, and destructive cap and tax regulations”.  The lawsuit was filed in Washington D.C. yesterday, the same day the rules were published in the Federal Register.  While the rules won’t be made final for about a year, and courts don’t usually review those rules until they are final, the company says the courts have the authority to stop an unlawful action before it’s taken.  EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has claimed that the rules are not part of a “war on coal”, however President Obama has repeatedly stated his intentions to shut down coal mines across the country.  The rules have the potential to kill thousands of coal jobs across the country, and are opposed by the industry and most lawmakers in coal producing states.  The EPA has scheduled public hearings for Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.  The Moffat County Commissioners, Representative Scott Tipton and Senator Michael Bennet have asked the EPA to move the Denver hearing to Moffat County.  The EPA says, while they will consider an extra meeting in Craig, they aren’t likely to move the hearing they have scheduled for Denver.  They say Denver is an ideal central location for Colorado coal interests.

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